If you want free etn every week, join us and win!

Hello, all!

This will be my second post attempting to make people aware of the free etn lottery I run over at https://freeetncentral.com

We’ve been running since June this year and offer a free daily Electroneum lottery service that is funded by advertisements. Every day our users have a chance to win free etn in multiple draws, with multiple winning slots. We’ve given away over 50,000 etn now and currently giving out on average 2000 ETN a week across all draws. The site is now self-funding after I funded it for the first 5 months.

We have a high trust rating with our user base and used to provide a fiat to etn through paypal service which had a 100% trust and success rate for our customers. We’ve retained around 97% of our users since June and they truly love the site!

Our draws are currently set up as follows

Main Draw - every day - 8 etn prize for 5 winners

Draw One - every day - 8 etn prize for 5 winners

Draw Two - every day - 8 etn prize for 5 winners

Bonus Draw - every day - 8 etn prize for 5 winners

50/50 Draw - every day - Pick either number 1 or number 2, correct number gains 1 etn

Luckyballs draw - every day - pick five numbers, 1 correct earns 1 etn, 2 correct earns 3 etn, 3 correct earns 6 etn, 4 correct earns 12 etn, 5 correct earns 24 etn.

Balance Booster Draw - every day - 100 ETN for one winner.

Rocket Booster Draw, Sundays, 300 ETN for one winner. (Only runs when enough revenue generated)

Loads of chances to win and what we call the perfect complement to mobile mining! It’s set up so that everyone gets a chance to win and accumulate some etn.

Sometimes payouts have been delayed, but every single person has received every single ETN that has been won and always will!

So it’s free etn for anyone who wants to join.

There is a photo verification to complete, a simple selfie with a piece of paper with the words etn lotto and your chosen username and this is to confirm that you are a real person and not a bot or spoofed device/duplicate account.

I’m currently working on a yoti login to get away from the photo verification which isn’t very popular as you can imagine. We’re also very soon going to launch our Android app onto the play store making things even more convenient.

Any questions, just ask!

Been playing this for a couple weeks now having a blast! Android app works great and have had no problem.

Not sure about the Balance Draw, Rocket Booster, or 50/50, have not seen those on the site.

Otherwise really enjoying it!

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Glad you’re enjoying it mate. I just recently changed the draw structure and once we hit January I’ll be putting it to our community to choose how they would like to move forward :slight_smile:

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