If you still have doubt about ETN


Greatness is not a product of convenience . The greatness of tomorrow begins with the sacrifice of today.

The future truly belongs to those who can foresee it and gives all it takes to get there. If you don’t remember anything I have said so far, don’t ever forget that " Greatness in life is not a product of convenience.

Dear audience, not long ago I was given the opportunity to be part of something that I want to believe in. For long time in my life I did a lot of sacrifice and believed that there is something that will fulfill me one day. After all we all strive to something great, untouchable, dreamed off. The picture is clear and the journey just started.

And I want to believe in better tomorrow, better future. The life is short and if you do not grab that one or two given opportunity than you failed on yourself.

I did also a lot of mistakes that I learned from but they also made me stronger, better believer ready to accept all pain and grieve and joy and happines.

Alow me to tell you my thoughts about many things in life…

Join me and help me to be better and never stop to believe.


1700 btc you once had in your possession and sold them off early in the days… I learnt so much from that story now I wouldn’t want to experience that kind of regret with etn, I am going to hold atleast 30k etn until it becomes so valuable that I cannot spent all of them till I pass on!
I have 50k and 30k will be reserved for a very long time…
Imagine you kept just 100 btc from your 1700 till today, it wouldn’t have been a big deal by you because you’ll still have 1600btc left to trade…and now 100btc would’ve given you a lifetime fortune…

So the summary of the story is if you see something you truly believe in, do not dump all at a certain gain because you will still be agitated after it has quadrupled the price you sold early on.
Please reserve some for a very long time.


Yes it is a painful story but you know what? to me, today look like it never happened.
There is another value that does not change ever: Love for your family.
At the end of the day whatever mistakes you made you turn around and continue, another day another opportunity.

So give love to your family and all other will come in place by itself.
Believe me.


Etn story will be bigger than Bitcoin.
I believe etn came to finish what btc had started!.
There won’t be another opportunity like this in crypto again.
Btc came first been the first Crypto see the success, now etn came also been the first to target the 99% of the people that are outside the Crypto world… See the difference too and also you can see that etn has a bigger dream and picture…


70% of people will dump etn when it reach 1$ and if they make the mistake to not rebuy they will cry few yrs after than when they will see etn at a 100$ mark!!


80K of etn is not enough to make you reach even if the coin become successful, I think one should have something around 1M, but then again I can be wrong.


Depends on how long you hold. If we are $10 per coin in 10 years then then that would be worth $800,000, if we are worth $100 in 10 years then then that would be $8,000,000. If we are are $500 in 10 years then that would be $40,000,000. With mass adoptions 80,000 coins being held for like 10 plus years should give you life changing results. If you can’t hold out for 5-10 years then you are right you will probably do not have enough to change your life with 80k coins.


You do realize that $100 ETN needs a multi triljoen dollar world market? Thats a shitload of zero’s… i’m not saying it’s Impossible, only saying we are not quite there yet.


I believe you are very wrong and depend what you see as to be rich. Imagine someone in developing country with 80k ETN’s and the price will definitely reach 1$ in 2019. The force of ETN will be exponential user growth and mass adoption.
80k one day can make you millionaire, defenitely.
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I think that in 2019 Etn price will be 0.3$ max but we will see.


Really going to depend on if btc and alt coins make a comeback. Nothing to say BTC and Alt coin don’t continue to loose value for the the Next 12-18 months. We may not see 1 penny till well into 2020. Which most people can’t imagine but if you have been in crypto as long as I have you know a bear market can last well over 2 years! Price does not dictate the health of our coin as it can work as designed at $.001 or $100 each.


You are right, M-Kid, people need to keep their expectations in check. We could be 1 penny in 2020 or 20 cents, it’s impossible to predict. What we can predict is that it is likely that ETN will be one of the coins that will grow in adoption over the next several years.


Well said.
Price predictions like “above 1$ in 2019” create wrong expectations. I fully agree that slowly but surely the potential of ETN will be recognized by a big audience. If a few of the deals are public, iOS is out and the cloudmining is there, and if all tech stays up during all that, we could see a price shift in the right direction.

Fingers crossed!