If YOTI doesn't accept your countries Driver's license/National ID, then this is for you

Hey people. I couldn’t upload documents to YOTI as passport was the only option which I didn’t have. But electroneum team has another option.
First get yourself registered on YOTI and verify yourself as a person by making the video and sending them. Get your phone number and email address verified in YOTI app too. Then just scan the YOTI QR code using YOTI app.
In order to find your YOTI QR code, login to electroneum online wallet(Not mobile wallet). And then click on settings->Your profile-> and that’s where you will find the YOTI QR code.
After scanning, you will be able to upload documents like driver’s license/National ID etc to electroneum team directly.

yes i did it right now .it’s good yea waiting to confirmation it

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Does not work for me. The passport is still the only acceptable document.

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Yoti accepted my passport and driving licence but in Finland there is no address in passport and neither in driving licence and neither on national ID card so Yoti can not verify my address so Yoti is useless


you got that right my friend…

I opened a ticket at support

Same in the netherlands,yoti we can not us ,because there is no adres in document,somonly level 1 inpossible

Same in Germany (when you have the old ID card, which is common for all that renewed it before 2016).
Yoti is 100% useless … Electroneum Support will have a lot to do…

Same in nigeria. the passport information only was taking and the address they couldnt, so my suggestion is they should let us add address manually. that should be done fast so that we wont lose our coin or i better move my coin to paper wallet . maybe in future i can retrieve it through another persons. If they didnt add fast in this regard, electroneum will be consider shitcoin. mass adoption wont never happen. i love the project and after ico i kept buying and my ico coin i never sold till now. richard please do something fast people are trying to run from your project.

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I did this but I still got asked in yoti to provide missing details Dob,name and address.
It’s not letting me around it so I can add info on the electroeum site itself.

Same problem here in south africa…No Address in documents…HOWEVER…In the Desktop wallet under settings and then profile you can upload a Recent bank statement or Utility bill which all have your address on them…So you can still pass level 2 verification without Yoti…Mine is still pending so let’s wait and see…


Brother, you dont need to have an address on your passport to get the address verified on yoti.
You may enter the address manually by jst providing the name of the city and country.

Once you complete yoti verification, you may link that with ETN.
ETN will allow you to attach bank statement, electricity bill etc for address verification which is level 2.

Sweet and simple.

Hope this answers your question. If you still have doubts, hit me up.

yes I just did that, waiting for level 2 verification at etn

How should I go about it because I don’t understand how to continue with the kyc when yoti is only providing passport as only means of identification for my country and I don’t have it please how can I continue I tried follow the instructions place on this page but still not getting it

on my.electroneum.com at menu/settings/your profile I had a possibility to upload my internet subscription bill (containing my address) as a jpg. I also had to enter into text fields my name, jobtiltle, my employer’s name, my tax id