If etn pay users who hold more than 100 k etn in wallet, what wiol be its effect

Guys what do you think about this, this will encourage people to hold their etn and apart from price rise they will increase their worth, reward may be 1 etn or more whatever is suitable


people with 100k ETN aren’t going to be worrying about the odd 1 are they.

If you are worried about the current price then you probably aren’t here for the long term

sit back and relax the rest will take care of itself

I don’t think they would be worrying about that either @Mobileghod i think people around that amount will be hodling it for a very long time anyway and most likely buy more along the way up :thinking:

I myself would like to see ETN staked . Maybe 1000000. ETN in wallet for a weekly bonus. How much bonus? Lets hear it from the community…

i think this is a counterpart of what ETN wants…
etn wants to be worldwide adopted and a usable coin in many ways… it will be truly amazing if we can use etn to purchase products online or not online… just scanning the qr code to buy product out there with instant payment method… no hassle at all

It should be duration. From how long, people are holding. People involved when it was peak. So little compensation towards them.