Ideas for Electroneum


I initially sent this message to you @ETNCEO on LinkedIn but after I found out about this community, I thought it would be easier to contact you via this platform:

*Original message:

"Hello Richard:

I first heard of Electroneum when Harry Redknapp expressed interest in your cryptocurrency. I now use your app to mine every day; this, on top of All About Tech’s great interview series with you and Crypto NWO, are brilliant ambassadors for Electroneum. I only believe that great things lie ahead.

I am reaching out to you as I have some great concepts for cryptocurrency that could take it to the mainstream in terms of shopping gaming and banking. I would love the opportunity to share these ideas with you and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You,

Yours Sincerely,

Bradley James Yellop."


Hello, nice post!

I’ve been trying, for a long time, to make contact with someone from the team of Etn to share my idea to expand huge!
I hope this is a new opportunity for them to hear me…? Did you get any response from them or can you advise me on how to do this please?

Kind regards, Kurt.


why dont u just post your ideas?


Thx for the repy,

I don’t want to be boring… It’s too complicated to post everything in one text.

The basic principal is… People become member by paying the fee of 10 Etn, they get 6 months and 20 days training in Health and @ the same time they are guidet how to build a TEAM and manage them!

To compensate their efford, they get 1 Etn per person who enters their TEAM in a 4 by 4 matrix = 340 people. = 340 Etn.
People who don’t have an account yet needs to be coached by their sponsor how to create the wallet, download the app and mine the coins…!

Thx for the question!


I think the team is making their way in letting people know how to use ETN If you research this topic Richard is putting boots on the ground in the target markets to do exactly what you are saying.


What @Daddy_K said. Plus, “walls have ears” and forums have eyes steered by minds that may not always have the best intentions. For that reason, I would rather talk to @ETNCEO privately.


not sure i understand what you are getting at