( Idea ) How to Leave a tip in Electroneum

Lets set the scene.

You just got a coffie and you want to pay in Fiat but you want to tip your hostess in ETN, but they dont have ETN.

You just finished dinner and you want to leave a extra tip in ETN, but the waiter might not have ETN set up yet.

You just lost a bet and want to quickly pay some one in ETN. But they dont have a account yet…

What if we could Scan a barcode or qr code on a business card, access a temporary wallet, deposit ETN, give business card as a tip to recipictiant, and they transfer funds later on when convenient to them after they set up there account to personal wallet.

How can we achieve quick tipping with ETN for thoses without ETN wallets?

You can prepare paper wallets with amount you want and give it to them.
You also have sides to personalize your ETN wallet as gift card


There is one example:


I don’t think it’s forbidden, but you could always back out (remove) certain parts of the QR code in examples so is not usable IRL

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