Idea blockchain and adoption


Hi, I’m a strong supporter of ETN, I’m also the founder of the Italian community. I believe that a strong penalization to the adoption of etn, was the wrong choice of the blockchain on which to build this idea. In your opinion, is it possible to reach the visa or mastercard standart with this blockchain, or with the new instant payment system? I hope so … I believe everywhere that the best choice is to build this project on an extremely fast and technologically advanced blockchain that really leads to mass adoption. It would be great for the team to reflect on whether to continue with the current blockchain or to change paths on a better and scalable blockchain.


A system which requires consensus will never be instant. You compromise speed for decentralisation.

The centralised second layer the team are building on top of the Electroneum blockchain (instant payment system eIPS) etc, will allow for instant transactions.

They act as a trusted 3rd party and then move the coins on the blockchain afterwards. This means we still have a fully decentralised blockchain that anyone can use, but we have a layer built on top of it that offer incredible speed which is required for the commercial setting.