ID problem in KYC, my drivers license card not yet available,I only have expired license


from Philippines here, I have a problem regarding my ID…drivers license…yoti wont accept it because its already expire…the problem is I already renew my drivers license but dont get my drivers license card because of some corruption in the previous administration…what will I do?its there any options?or any IDs allowed aside drivers license?


Heey @Jhimbie do you got other verification that you can provide like a passport?


goid day, my passport was also expired because im not often go abroad rather never been travelling abroad hehe…I have here other IDs but not passport and drivers license…but I have a receipt of my drivers license that can proof that I renewd my license…but I dont have the new drivers license card…


Maybe you can try that and see if it works or you should send a support ticket for help to the ETN Team they can also review it and push you further i think here is the link to send them a message: you could also send Yoti a support message but i think the ETN Team can review your case better and verify you further or tell you how to continue :wink:


thank you for your help…yes I will


You are welcome @Jhimbie glad to help if you got more qeustions then just let me know :wink::+1: