I'd love you to come and join my free electroneum "lottery"


Hello to all you Electroneum fans!

My names Chris, this is my first post here on the community forum and I’d like to use it to speak about my Electroneum community site that I run for Electroneum fans all across the globe. I’ve been around Electroneum from the ico stage, mined Electroneum from the word go, was a second phase Mobile mining beta tester and really love Electroneum.

From the moment I found Electroneum, I wanted to do something to try to help mass adoption and create something good for the community. The problem was, what could I do? I was stuck for ideas. As I watched the mobile mining payout getting smaller and smaller I began to see people complaining that they couldn’t make as much Electroneum, with some even starting to lose interest. Obviously, the mobile mining will adjust and adjust until there a no coins left anymore.

So one day I’m sitting and I’m thinking and I’m thinking, what can I do, what can I create that would be really awesome. Then it hits me! An awesome way to both draw in new users, retain existing users increase Electroneum users wallet balances and help the path to adoption whilst creating a great place for Electroneum business to advertise their products and services further down the line!

I’d been following a very successful platform that my free etn central site is now based on. A platform that sold for £10 million and has gone from strength to strength. A free daily lottery, that pays out Electroneum, funded by on-site advertising! We make revenue when users interact with our advertising and we turn 60% of that revenue into prizes! So we’ve now created a free revenue stream of Electroneum which we have been sending out across the globe, including to unbanked users that are on the ground and supporting Electroneums vision!

It would be fair to say that we are a faucet, but we really strive to be more than just a faucet. Our users as far as the feedback I’ve had so far, love using the site and winning free electroneum and I get the feeling that they also share the view that we’re more than just a faucet! There’s no pop-up, pop-under, dodgy links or any revenue sources that could put our users at risk because we don’t tolerate that kind of experience for our users and user experience and satisfaction is high on our list of priorities.

We run four named winner draws and a lucky balls draw every day of the week, including weekends. These are all completely free to enter. We also have special events, like our world cup event that was much loved, our current champions league group stage event and we’re thinking of running an event for the Conner Mcgregor vs Khabib UFC fight on the 6th of October, although I’ll have to speak to the community to see if that’s something they’re interested in! I’m sure they will be, as it’s a chance to win even more free etn!

All of the draws and events are free, it costs you nothing! We have one paid service on the site, which is our FIAT to ETN top-up service which allows users to buy smaller amounts of Electroneum, 1000-2000 via PayPal. Again revenue generated from this service is spilt 60/40 with 60 going to the prize pools. Feedback from the service has been overwhelmingly positive!

We do require users to complete a photo verification. It’s a very simple process, take a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with the words ETN LOTTO your chosen username for our site and the date. The reason we have this system in place is due to people trying to create multiple accounts and skewing the draws into their favor. This is something I will not tolerate, as everyone must have an equal chance of winning. Photo verification has turned quite a lot of users off, however, as I said to the community, I’d rather the site failed than to let our honest users be cheated. We do say, if you’re worried about that photo being used again, just stick on a hat, a pair of sunglasses, hold a piece of fruit in shot and that will invalidate that photo for any serious photo verification system.

If I’ve still got your attention, this is where I need to ask for the Electroneum communities help! To increase our revenue and therefore give away even greater amounts of ETN, we need the Electroneum community to rally around and support us by using the site and claiming free Electroneum! It takes around 5-6 minutes to enter the draws and check to see if you’ve won every day, if you think you could spare 5-6 minutes, whilst your waiting on a bus or just procrastinating, would like to claim some free Electroneum and help us to fulfill our vision of a free stream of fiat money converted to Electroneum and spread across the globe, I’d say come join our free etn central family. I’m sure you’ll have a great time, Those extra Electroneum could just add up in future and I’d love to see you there on the site!

I’ve asked my current users to pop across to the community forum and leave a review under this post, they’re not being paid to do that, I usually make goodwill gestures for users who do that bit extra but I don’t want people to think these are paid reviews. I’ve currently just reduced the prize amounts, but don’t worry, with the way revenue is going these will be increasing again very soon!

Thank you for taking the time to read all of that! If you’ve any questions, I’m more than happy to answer them! I hope you can help me to grow the site for the community and if it’s not your type of thing I completely understand!

You can find the web address in my profile, I’m unsure of the rules around posting links just now!

Thanks, Chris.


I’ve been using Chris’s ETN lotto site for almost a week now and it is AWESOME! Not only is it FREE ETN but the community is awesome as well. Chris posts a lot of updates about what is going on with Electroneum as well as regular updates about lottos and payouts.


Thanks for taking the time to pop over and leave a comment. It’s much appreciated!


the web too many ads :slight_smile:
and why must complete with photo verification?


Hi IndoETN. There are multiple ad’s as this is what pays for the free etn prizes. I will take into consideration your feedback, in future I can test with less ad’s to see if it affects the revenue.

Photo verification is required to ensure only one real person can hold an account.
This stops one person from creating 10 or 20 accounts and entering the draws, therefore putting our honest single account users at a disadvantage. It’s easy to duplicate ip addresses, but it’s not so easy to clone people. We are 100% committed to keeping our site fair for all.

Thanks you for taking the time to have a look!


Great to see new users starting to sign up to the site from the community forum! Thanks Guys!


You do have a fiat to ETN service! :smiley: Advertise that more it should be really popular.
Maybe start a forum thread here titled " Paypal to ETN ".

I think many would appreciate.

Other than that I like your site but the walls of text are sometimes a little too much to handle. Most users dont want to read through walls of text, that kind of makes your offers go under =).

I hope you dont mind a little critique. Love your project and entuhsiasm to help the ETN project.


Hi Cryptomatt, thanks for taking a look! Yes we have the service, which is about to be reopened. Our fiat to etn paypal service came about due to some of our users being unable to purchase through the exchanges. It’s been quite popular!

Once the service is up and running again, I’ll take your advice and make a fiat to etn post! This was the service on the site that Chris Gorman was interested in and our current users really love it too. I think I’m missing a trick by not giving it more focus!

I really actually love a little critque as it helps me to find thing things I’m not getting right and fix them! I do get carried away sometimes! Could you tell me which walls of text you’re reffering to and I’ll see what I can do to make them a bit more bareable!

Thank you for your kind words! I really love ETN!


This wall of text. Maybe it should directly link to the product and have a “more info+” button to expand for people who are interested. Love your project and everyone that is starting some projects at the moment. There is so much movement going on :slight_smile: The recent price surge really woke up something.


Hi Cryptomatt, thanks for the quick response. That’s a great idea, I’ll try to get that implemented today. Yeah, I saw those Raspberry PI devices from North East Texas Technologies, they are so cool! The mech that was sent to the ETN team is awesome also!

We’ve been running for the last three months, we’ve had trouble finding a way to get in front of Electroneum fans. The community forum is a god send!

I must say though, over the last week, I’ve seen a lot of users who vanished return to the site! I’m hoping to make a success of this site as I have a lot planned in terms of more exciting Electroneum ventures using the sites portion of the revenue generated!

Thanks for taking the time to contribute, it’s much appreciated!



This community forum really is a blessing.
I love all the participation, ideas and discussions. It makes ETN really come to life.


I joined the free ETN site with a little sceptisism. I am the worlds worst for falling for the “£5 just for filling in a survey”…giving away all my private information,then being told I am not eligible for the £5!
Yes,I have even bought products that promise to take away my wrinkles and make my substantial rear end smaller overnight!
So,why would this be any different?
Well, I am a good two or maybe even three months “in” now and am a convert, its free,its fun and is run by a very genuine person,who has given me personally a lot of tips and help in this rather strange crypto world where I have found myself .
I was the first person to use the FIAT to ETN service (and Im not even sure I have that right) but what I do know is all went smoothly and the ETN arrived in my wallet in a few hours.
Not only is there the chance to win free ETN,there is a real community spirit on the site and the regulars there I think of as friends (they may think of me as the batty old bird,but there we are!)
So,I really hope some of you will be over to join us soon…I am Karen there…cannot work out how to make myself into Karen here too!


For those people who are skeptical, I get it, I was one of them. But I have now been a member of the site for over 2 months, have received multiple payments and can say that Chris is constantly working on improving the site.

Thanks Chris.


This is my first visit in this thread… i wanna check that site… anyone may pm me the link


@kaiser24: Would be happy to help, just dont have the points to send PMs yet.


The link is in Chris-FreeETNCentral profile. If you click his picture at the top of the thread the link is there… good luck!


I joined up today and im very impressed :grinning:
You get the chance to win coins every day in the free prize draws.
What I really like is that you can purchase ETN with paypal.
You can purchase top up cards between 250 and 2000 ETN. I’m sure larger amounts will be available soon.
It’s great for people like me who don’t want to or know how to purchase through an exchange.
Keep up the fantastic work chris.:+1:


Totally agree with CryptoMatt. Fiat to ETN service is going to be a huge selling point. That alone would probably get you a ton of new users, even if they never played the lottos.


Sorry I couldn’t reply to everyone earlier, I’d used up all my replies for the first day!

Not sure how many replies I have for the second day, but I’ll be rationing them for now!

Thanks to everyone who has come over to the site and signed up, and to those of you who have already used the FIAT to ETN top up system! I look forward to enjoying the Electroneum journey with all of you!

Thanks, Chris.


Great idea Chris-FreeETNCentral. Is this not for cell phone users? As I tried, got sent in circles after photo upoad. Couldn’t find signup process and had to leave due to bombardment of ads. But I think this is a fabulous idea and I really hope it works out for you, and please let me know if its changed or made easier