ICO old paper wallet question

is there a easy guide how to bring my original old paper wallet back to life from 2017 ?

I have tried with the electroneum cell app wallet by scaning my 3 QR code following the instrution but the transaction say 0.00 etn

not sure what to do here, i havent touched my fund since 2017

Replied hereā€¦

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also , another question. i have scout the net for this info and i cant seem to find the answer.
how can i just chek the balance on a paper wallet ? is there an easy way ?

Id guess if you dont know the ballance of a paper wallet you probably dont own said wallet


Heres a way to do it 101 guide :point_up_2: but IMO if you need to transfer that ballance over to the new chain anyway, just use the app, transfer that over then ypu get the balance, recreate a new paper wallet ( offline ) then start again.

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Thats a good point, however if it was done a few years ago and you didnt take records then its easily forgotten. Especially if you have added to that wallet balance since it was created.

what a stupid answer, i dont want to trasfer it to the app , just want to chek my balanace , if i cant then il transfer it to the app, what i did first and that didnt work.