I would like to say .....,.,


Hello my fellow ETN community !!!

I just would like to say

because this community is fantastic . most issues are solved straight away or supported via tickets , questions are answered , the people are all friendly and are all in here for one goal… etn !!!

If you need help feel free to message , if I can help you I will do my best .

so to all you wonderful people out in the internetland


chris :grin:


Thanks Chris you also Thank you to yourself! :blush: we got an amazing community and Its only getting better and better each day :grin:


Great picture, I’d like to add a big “Gelek sipasîya we dikim” to our Kurdish members as it’s not on the pic :v:️:blue_heart:


Way to go! We are world wide baby! :slight_smile:


Multumesc - Romanian


Zoor sipastan dakam .
sounds like there are two kurds here


Thankyou for being there to support all those who need it.
Thankyou community for your patience and support you show to others.
Go hard @Chris_T


Amazing stuff keep it up @Chris_T we appreciate your hard work and dedication! Glad to have you a part of our community! Thank you for what you’re doing :zap: