I would like to say .....,.,


Hello my fellow ETN community !!!

I just would like to say

because this community is fantastic . most issues are solved straight away or supported via tickets , questions are answered , the people are all friendly and are all in here for one goal… etn !!!

If you need help feel free to message , if I can help you I will do my best .

so to all you wonderful people out in the internetland


chris :grin:


Thanks Chris you also Thank you to yourself! :blush: we got an amazing community and Its only getting better and better each day :grin:


Great picture, I’d like to add a big “Gelek sipasîya we dikim” to our Kurdish members as it’s not on the pic :v:️:blue_heart:


Way to go! We are world wide baby! :slight_smile:


Multumesc - Romanian