I wish the mobile miner showed the hash rate of the whole network

I think it would be cool if the mobile miner showed the hash rate of the entire mobile miner network. I know it’s not real mining but I still think that small detail would make it feel more like actually mining.

I think everyone is averaging around 30 h/s on their mobile phones so you can just multiply amount of active users by 30 h/s at the time of posting this there are 99455 active users: 99455 x 30 = 2983650 h/s = 2.98 Mh/s the antminer x3 runs at 220 K h/s so the total mobile phone hashing power is equivalent to 13 bitmain antminer x3’s (if my calculations are correct) Are ETN using this hashing power for anything?

I don’t think they can use it since it isn’t real.
But I think it could still add an extra element to the mobile mining experience.