I will give away 1 Banano to anyone posting its Banano wallet here!


Hi all, I love electroneum, but there are some coins that are just much fun. I don’t know if you know banano yet, but it is a fun meme coin doing a lot of airdrops and giveaway.

This is the website: https://banano.cc

And this is the faucet that is giving away free BANANOs (you can earn a lot of free BANANOs just by playing the meme game. It is fun :D) :


(yes it is a referral link, but as you can see I am giving away my earnings to my fellow electronians).

Create a wallet (I suggest the kalium wallet for android, is super easy and fast : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.banano.kaliumwallet)

Post your Banano address here and I will personally send you 1 Banano tip!

OH, yes, Banano is on exchanges and you can trade it


Lol, this is strictly for Electroneum, you can keep your coin or better still do the giveaway else where I don’t think we need you to tell us about anything else.
If it’s etn well I will be the 1st to post my address
But then I can give u stone etn so u can share to your Banano community if there’s any


I made that i haven’t see this coin before this is my ban_3tngqkm6ifrxhadzts6wz4o4tdrr44j9y57w9gypb4nu3j3i3s9dn31ztynp
BBut I think ETN is most good


Chill, I posted in the “NON ETN discussion” section of the forum…


Sent 1 Banano! Enjoy :banana:


Hahahaha this is a funcoin , thanks for the post …

I’ll take a look later on … I love the key features part and the monkeys … just shows it all doesn’t HAVE to be Serious all the time… bravo banano bravo :clap:


Thank you I got that . for the site image faucet …i have some ban coin they wrote pending payout ! How they when they send the coins?


One love still I less forget,


This guy gets it eheh it is just for fun


I think they pay every week


Ok thank you I will try that



Faucet reopened!