I was thinking of doing a campaign with Donating

I want to do a campaign of donating and promoting with a QR code on this ready to give away. What are peoples thoughts!! QR code and actual code where needed.

Please give me some feedback.

Thanks people!

I would love to hear others thoughts on this!

Thank you ETN community!

Please vote by liking!


I was thinking of putting the QR code on it and then spreading the love :heart::heart::heart:

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You can add a simple donate button with the Instant Payment API with Wordpress or Joomla:

Wordpress plugin (BETA): https://www.dropbox.com/s/ywymyqfsm8gq4um/wp_electroneum_donate.zip?dl=0
(loading this widget in WP is with hard brackets [etndonate] - also there seems to be a confict if you run the WooCommerce ETN payments plugin)

Joomla plugin: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3b7d9ds20x2ur3v/Joomla_electroneum_donate_1_0_2.zip?dl=0
(loading this plugin in Joomla is with curly brackets {etndonate} )

Here is how its done in Joomla (very similar in Wordpress)

You do need vendor API keys enabled in your wallet.

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This is for people who are not buying stuff just donating it!! Hope that helps!!! So you can just QR after I put the code on it and add the address the address!! I will be great as it will go straight to a paper wallet! Then to donated! :heart::+1:

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I think they should all get directed to the ETNDonate site

This keeps it all in Electroneum’s ECO System!

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Everyone is free to use any of my GFX!!

Peace :v: to everyone!

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