I want to call 0.01 ETN as 1 ELLS....Agree?

Dear Members,

I am new here. I just signed up to this forum 5 min ago as I was going to sleep and one idea came to my mind that why not we say 0.01 ETN as 1 ELLS

My opinion is like below:

Firstly, Electroneum or i should say Mobile cryptocurrency concept came to this crypto sphere by our most loved one Richard Ells (ELLS as like satoshi). In that way we can spread Richard’s honor

Secondly, in my opinion we can elaborate the ELLS as EL(ectroneum) L(east) S(um) which is 0.01 ETN

Guys if you agree with me then, from now please tell 1 ELLS as people say 1 satoshi in case of BTC

Note: This statement is solely my personal opinion and not financial advice and I love Electroneum :wink:

Thanks to All,
Happy Hodling

Welcome 0bashsagdasjajsdjasj3483282982392903. :slight_smile:
First, you should enter your profile and change your name, so that we can all recognize you when you write something.
Second, I think this is taken into consideration by the ETN team for some time now, just that they are preparing important things for us all at this point, so patience is key here.
This team is like no other in the crypto world.
Great things are in store for those who wait…


I read early on that individual units would be called Electrons. 100 Electrons = 1 ETN. I don’t know if that’s still in play, but it has been at least thought about.


Yeah. Maybe:
1 Electron = 0.01 ETN
1 ELLS = 0.1 ETN

Guys if you like the idea then please vote for this article. Thanks

I like eCoins


I like eCoin because in the frame of Mass Adoption, I believe it will resonate with the crypto newbie in the general public more effectively.

Dont get me wrong, I love Rich, what he has accomplished, and the continued success he will bring us in future as much as anyone.

For one, I also worry that the future millions of new supporters wont see it as a “vote” by early adopters no matter what we say, and look at it as if he influenced the choice of the name.

Secondly, I also believe that it should be derived from the name, such as “electrons” or “eCoin” or something else along these lines.

This is just my opinion.

To be clear, I would support whatever the community as a whole decides. No matter how I felt originally, I would stand behind whatever choice and back it up wholeheartedly!!!

So dont give up on your idea, and find out if the support is there.

At the same time, if the support lines up somewhere else, stand behind that idea as well, as we are all on the same team with the same goal of bringing ETN and its benefits into the mainstream

I don’t think this is a concern for an year at least, as the price will still be low enough to just use ETN, even at $1.