I tried to purchase more Electroneum


But sadly, Coinbase is holding my funds for 23 days. Bummer.


Ouch! That’s pretty frustrating! Keep in mind that Liquid and Sistemcoin offer ETN - FIAT pairings. We also offer a FIAT to ETN service through paypal over on my site. The fee’s are more expensive though due to Paypal!

Let’s hope the price doesn’t increase for the next 23 days!


Yeah, I had that happen a while ago. Maybe, 2 months ago I used Coinbase and I had my funds available in 5 or so business days then fast forward a month later the next deposit although it cleared from my bank in 2 days Coinbase put it on hold for 3 weeks. It’s completely absurd they do that now.


That happened to me. I bought eth on coin base to trade for etn. And I sat helpless watching as the eth price dropped and I lost money while waiting :frowning:


Why they hold fiat after deposit?


I don’t know but it sucks


hi there… do you have an account on liquid? i want to confirm if i can just give my legal name to them and not bothered by it?


LIQUID LIQUID and LIQUID :sunglasses:


Well I’ve just signed up for an account on liquid, it did ask for my legal name and to set up 2fa but now the account is unverified and it’s asking for id card or passport, selfie and proof of address.


so, it also has kyc… you can’t withdraw your funds if not veeified?