I think this is one of the most important announcement for the community of Electroneum

Did you know we’re partnering with SistemKoin, Turkey’s largest cryptocurrency exchange?
Very soon, two ETN fiat pairings will go live: Euros (EUR) and Lira (TRY), with a BitCoin pairing as well.

We’re really excited to be bringing ETN to a whole new wave of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and know our fiat pairing will make us accessible to the next wave of people accessing crypto, those who will use it as a real-world utility and will spend it on everyday goods. Mass adoption just got one step closer…

Awesome news, thank you for letting us know! :scream::rocket:

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I agree that this announcement is of critical importance, for two reasons. First, there is undoubtedly a deal with a Turkish mobile operator in the offing, and having an exchange in Turkey to handle ETN-Lira transactions will be critical to its success. Second, the Turkish lira has been in a tailspin, making a cryptocurrency an interesting alternative.

Harika haber!

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