I think the electroneum team should keep a constant contact to its fans

For example, some one from the electroneum staff could post on Facebook some news, update, progress, announcements, shutouts, art, just post somthing daily on your facebook. Gotta have that appearance of constantly busy.

Plus it wouldn’t hurt to let us peek behind the curtains. I understand you would like to have users use the Forum and a lot of new post happened here all the time but a lot of people do view our Facebook and we need to be visibly active daily in my opinion.


They usually do, but my guess is that they are busy with the starting of the marketing campaign in October, which is very important for all of us.

Go back and watch the interview Ells did with Crypto Rich. Facebook will be a huge part of the marketing campaign. Just give it time.

So far I find that the ETN team is pretty active everywhere as much as they can do but it must be busy times for them also currently they try their best to be active everywhere but it’s hard to keep up with everything happening on the social media and on the forum i already am happy that they update us 1 or 2 times sometimes more a week with news :wink:

They use to daily but if certain dates was delayed the community go into an uproar so it’s better for them to just wait and give solid info with solid dates.

i think they’ve got the amount of communication just right. :slight_smile:

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Does it really matter if they tell us everything all the time? Does it change your view on the project? Sure it would be nice to know everything that is going on behind the scenes. But in many cases it would probably be illegal for them to inform us about it or even close some doors if told to public too early. I think they should just keep up the great work. Announce things when they have something to announce and focus on making ETN better.


what like big brother haha 10:07 Richard is making a cup of coffee and eating a jaffa cake :joy:
i prefer them being busy and giving important updates personaly

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My opinion is that the situation define what they should do.

ICO area = Get investors that believe in the projekt
ICO-product development/testing = minimal exposure to protect the intelekt of the company
Development/testing- Launch of the working platform = where we are right now
Launch of the working platform- Growth = Near future

Electroneum needs to balance their communication and information based on the situation and time the company are at. I expect ETN are about to push the button and we are about to be surprised, Waiting have never felt so hard as it is right now. I feel like a little boy that got his first penny and are running as fast as i can to the candy shop but they haven’t opened yet.

The CEO in ETN say they wants to be one of the biggest runner of the UK economy and that is not a smal aim. I believe next month is the month we see the start of what’s coming and reality of our dreams seems closer than ever before, and that is just the start. FOMO will be the trend for the rest of the year and the next one. Everybody that is in this forum now are about to be shocked in a business way, and that means it takes more then one month to get 1 ETN to be 1$ but the numbers will be more green than read.

My conclusion is that the time and situation we are at, ETN is only dropping little drops of information for the buildup to the next phase. And the next phase is launch and growth.


Agreed! :sunglasses: well said btw.

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