I Spend More Time Here Than On Facebook


Agreed , the community and team has shown themselves as a guiding light in a darkened world. I am glad to of met lots of you and proud to be a part of it…


Why thankyou Professor @Storm.
I think you topped the list for the most badges in one day…probably for the week!


Guys try to beat be and gain more BADGES than me - now i am stuck on 30 and for me this was the most difficult to obtain and i am really happy taht i obtain 3 times :wink: bcs we need it for viral growth of this project - more people = mass adoption :wink:


Here we talk, like.
On face nobody care nomore, lucky if somebody actually put in a comment. its just some pictureposting of family, which is ok, but no talk, only political argueposts, scam reclame or something complaining and pictures of people at the gym.


I was nominated the other day by an individual for the
“Squirrel Master badge”
It is quite an honour.
This badge cannot be bought nor sold.
You wont find it on Facebook…or anywhere else for that matter.
It was created by and only exists within the Electroneum Community Forum.
No amount of :heart::heart::heart: will ever earn you this badge.
Its not a competition here.
Its about just being yourself.


30 come on @Mr.CryptoCZ I told you the other day I’m catching you muhahahha

… we are tied lol


I think @Storm has clocked up about 50 so far…!


Congratulations to all who support each other bcs together we are unstoppable and really strong. :wink:


Ive noticed in general on the forum that really is a draw card for most of us here.
We are all here for a common cause and working towards a common goal.
The Great Mooning
Sure, we all have our moments where outside influences turn up the heat in some discussions but acts of blatent malice seem to be totally absent compared to other discusion groups.
I have been busy supporting the Electroneum official Twitter channel with upvotes on all threads worthy and that of the Electroneum Mirror.
Im not a Twitter or Face book person as most of you know but I’ll do anything to promote this project and add to its social media attention.
Every upvote counts to show our united strength.
Many thanks to @Mr.CryptoCZ for his statistics and continual promotion of our current progress.
You also have my upvotes on your Twitter posts.
You deserve it.


Agree on everything , we are all part of a team and we are all going to rewarded when the mooning begins ( I like that @Pahini )