I Spend More Time Here Than On Facebook


It’s not a surprise to me that in the recent days that I’ve logged in this forum I’ve spent hours here than on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Simply because of the Educational articles, News & Information, Updates and Group Interaction provided by this platform. Afterall it’s where my money is at as an early investor and most of all; it’s good to be here. Feels like home.

Hope the feeling is mutual.


same here, much better than the facebook community group.


Same here, what I also may add as a reason why, is everyone is so positive, everyone try to help, expaine etc! Truly amazing??


Lets numbers talk. I am addicted to ETN. I fall in love to ETN. I will be here till the END. Huh.


That’s what we’re talking about brother. I like a lot.


me and you both, i love it here.


I just started posting today but share exactly the same sentiment as you. It is great to build community together and each day more people will come on board and the community will grow. That is super exciting! I have been involved with ETN since the I.C.O. so like you I love the updates!


There is 1970 users and I think that all enjoy this forum - better than Reddit, Telegram, Facebook groups for SURE. I want to share love to all of you.


Glad we’re all enjoying the ride.
ETN - Is a love thing, for real (displayed by both the Team and Investors) for the business. From ICO to the achievement of the vision that we all bought into - i.e. coin mass adoption and be the key player in solving the global financial and economic participation exclusion of billions of people in the emerging economies / the developing world.

We are here behind Electroneum through thick and thin - a 21st century company that’s well on its way in delivering what the entire civilized world has always been trying to do over many decades - financial inclusion for all - intercontinental commerce even in the ground level. With Electroneum, there are many unlocked possibilities of being involved in trade and commerce. Now I can trade my livestock for rice with a client in China using my smart phone with payments interchanging INSTANTLY. That’s innovation in the NOW baby…


Hi Mr.CryptoCZ! How did you pull / show us this report, and is it something all of us can do? Cheers!




Cheers for that link! Loving it!


I’ve got to say it’s great here guys :smile:


Yes, it’s incredible. Fantastic how everyone is helping everyone here.


Thanks for the support everyone! We love to see such positive topics like this! We are glad you are enjoying the forum!


I havebeen working really hard to get more etn in my bag that I can hardly stay online for long :’(


Since I tried this forum I only read here about Etn. The Facebook group really isn’t for me but the forum is so informativ and supportive.
Really glad we have it and can grow it as a community.


Seventy days have passed for me on the forum.
With every day that passes I see a new “face” appear somewhere.
Random acts of kindness appear out of nowhere.
People supporting one common goal by every means known.
If it doesnt exist, they create it or suggest it.
Im proud to be a part of this community.
Never needed Facebook in my life but I would be lost without this forum.
Special thanks to the creators
Thanks to everyone who contributes to making this the best social space on the planet.
Onwards and upwards!


I also love to spent time on this forum.

  • Here we can find best informations about ETN
  • Community is more connected as on Facebook
  • There is tons of educational articles
  • We have wide spectre of topics. Something for everyone :grinning:


Hey see you on top of the stats board for last week. Congrats @Pahini