I set up a website for beginners to crypto and included ETN


Hey everyone :slight_smile:

I’m trying to do my part to get the ETN word out there so I set up a website for beginners to crypto.

From what I experienced getting started can be difficult so I created a simple instruction website for others.

It covers everything necessary in a very simple format. Maybe some referrals might assist me in the cost of maintaining the website. I’ll soon see.

1: How to become a part of Coinbase.
2: How to find educational resources on Youtube. (Sean Davis is in there for sure !)
3: Where to find free crypto currencies (ETN is at the top of that page :wink: )
4: How to secure your crypto currencies.

I hope it will encourage others to get involved and download the app miner.
If you have any friends or family that want to get the basics then please share the link.

I haven’t started the marketing of the website yet but maybe you or the ETN team might have some ideas for me. the ETN team want us to help them advertise so this is my contribution. Simplifying the process of getting into crypto in general is what the new people need.


It's Free, and it just may help..... Add your freebies

It looks quite good! I’d refer newbies there for sure.
Minor minor detail I’d add regarding CoinBase is that having online banking ready speeds things up for when they do the small verification deposits into your account. Also maybe some of the big names like Charlie Lee, Brian Armstrong, Vitalik Buterin, Andreas Antonopoulos and some others, all great people to see in interviews.

Keep it up!


Thanks for the advice.

I understand that there are some great interviews out there but a conversation with Vitalik will go right over most peoples heads. I think it might be a better idea to keep the website as simple and straightforward as possible.
The Youtube links might be enough. If visitors get more into crypto then they will find Vitalik and Charlie as they go along. But thanks for the tips, maybe I’ll add more informational videos slowly to the site.

I should add “All About Tech” to the educational section too.


All About Tech added :wink: I hope he is ok with that. Hopefully he will get a little more traffic to his channel.





Nice work @Cryptomaniac keep up the good work :cowboy_hat_face:


Great idea, and the website is excellent. Easy to use, big writing which I love, as I’m mostly on my cell. I’ve booked marked it ready to share with my friends.


Another great resource & love the domain name!


Thanks guys and gals :slight_smile:

The site still needs a tidy up so I’ll do that today.

It’s the advertising that will be the killer for me but it has to be done. We all start somewhere.

Thanks for all the shares ! I can already see good things happening.

@Bitinix I was a little worried about the domain name because the noobs don’t know crypto lingo.

But hodlthefud.com sounded good to me. I want to get a hat with that on it :smiley:

All the crypto freaks will be saying hi to me ! :smiley:


Thanks Julianna :slight_smile:

Some shares would be really great.


Just had a quick look…I will def refer ppl to your site…Nice…Well done


1st referral to your website, it was so good not trying to explain etn to her, I just sent her your link, as she was interested. :smile: :smile: :smile:


Thanks Julianna.

It sure is a lot easier when new people ask how they can buy a Bitcoin.

And many people just are not interested as they think only nerds have crypto :smiley:

No more explaining crypto over and over again :smiley: Just say, “Follow this link!” :smiley:


The website might be getting a mention on a popular crypto Youtubers channel too.

This Youtuber has about 50,000 subscribers. If it is shown by the Youtuber I’ll post the link.

ETN will be mentioned there too if the pages of the website are shown. Fingers crossed.


Who is that blonde Girl on you’re website holding the physical bitcoin?


Just stock photos. Free to use for commercial and personal use.

I don’t know her.


I’m guessing this website I setup won’t be very busy with the market getting crushed :persevere:


Solid info well done!!!