I need official answer by ETN team about KYC

I did not receive any e-mail notices about KYC. I want to know how many days I should finish KYC. And if I don’t do KYC in that period, what happens to ETN of mobile wallet? I don’t want to move my ETN and I don’t need to check my balances. I want to know if KYC is possible in the future. My friends who have ETN with bad English do not know anything about KYC. give me information.

KYC is in “Soft Launch” meaning that you have approx 26 more days before KYC is required to use the ETN App Wallet.
If you have less than 50 Euros per month/150 Euros over 3 Months worth of ETN…then you do not need to do KYC.
If you have more than that then basic KYC is required, depending on how much ETN you are in possession of or will be Transacting will determine what level of KYC you must comply with.
Level 1 is very basic Information
Level 2 is more detailed and permits up to 3,333 Euros per Month
Level 3 is again more detailed and gives you Unlimited allowance to hold/spend/move your ETN

There is some teething problems with people from some Country’s unable to give the required information, but Richard Ells has stated that by the time KYC becomes a forced requirement (approx 26 days from now) there will be solutions in place so that “Everyone, from Everywhere around the world” will be able to complete the KYC.

Basically, my Advice is try complete the KYC, up to the point where you cant go any farther and then await further Instructions.


That’s not the answer that I want. I want to know if I can make KYC anytime I want. I dont want to check my balances and I dont want to move my ETN for several months or years. I just want to know if I can make KYC after 1 year(ex.) and if my ETN is safe.

if you have over… then you probably need to…
if you do not want to do kyc then your only option is to store your etn to paper wallet or to an exchange… but most exchange require kyc also, but there are some who don’t for now… but if the gov’t chase them then they probably implemented kyc too…

Yes…You can do KYC anytime you want…

Other option is keep some etn safe in an offline wallet and keep some in an exchange wallet ready to trade

You can do it anytime you want. Soft launch is to correct any bugs or issues with the large amount of traffic

If when the time comes when you want to sell/trade/spend or move your etn and if you have more than 50 euro worth you will have to do KYC. There is no time limit set for KYC.


If someone will do only KYC level 1 and in time will have 100€/month in ETN if price grow, can it send/spend 50€ or lower/month/ETN without doing kyc level 2?

as long as its under 50 euros a month yes , if etns price rose and the total was over the 50 per month and you wanted to spend it then kyc lvl 2 …

Let say price reach 1€, and make 100 ETN/month(100€) will be needed to make kyc level 2 even if not spend/send more than 50ETN (50€)/month?

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This might help!

No…only if you plan to send more than 50€ very month will you need level 2…

Mu kyc level1 document rejected l need yor help

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