I need all the badges , make it easy to obtain


I couldnt find some of them. If i can just click on some BADGE it can take me to the guide how to obtain this BADGE… For example: image i dont know how to obtain a lot of them. If i only click to someone else have it it can say me the guildline what to do. Thanks!


Hahaha I was just trying to look that up …


when you tag the ETNbot with @ before it. also type start advanced user


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @ETNbot display help.


Its done WOW i love it:


How did you achieve this? Lol


How did you achieve this?


@benjaminoo wrote a great guide how to get them.


I have 40 from total 72 nice share :smiley: and have total 29 badges (some multiple times…) what is your TOTAL score? Is here someone who is better than me? Check some data in these sections:
And I am proud most to this 2 badges:


Good positive marketing in that lot.


I just want for ETN long life and want to succed but sometimes you know I am dissapointed with some slow motion steps or problems that we have…
But times maybe help us if rivals dont beat us in the meanwhile :wink:
Help us to grow and share some of our articles from here…


It takes time to develop a flawless product.
Thats whats needed here if were to get patent.
It has to work, first time…
Everthing is subject to trials and waiting times.
We should be grateful theyre making progress.
Addressing issues.
ETN onwards and upwards