I need all the badges , make it easy to obtain


I couldnt find some of them. If i can just click on some BADGE it can take me to the guide how to obtain this BADGE… For example: image i dont know how to obtain a lot of them. If i only click to someone else have it it can say me the guildline what to do. Thanks!


Hahaha I was just trying to look that up …


when you tag the ETNbot with @ before it. also type start advanced user


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @ETNbot display help.


Its done WOW i love it:


How did you achieve this? Lol


How did you achieve this?


@benjaminoo wrote a great guide how to get them.


I have 40 from total 72 nice share :smiley: and have total 29 badges (some multiple times…) what is your TOTAL score? Is here someone who is better than me? Check some data in these sections:
And I am proud most to this 2 badges:


Good positive marketing in that lot.


I just want for ETN long life and want to succed but sometimes you know I am dissapointed with some slow motion steps or problems that we have…
But times maybe help us if rivals dont beat us in the meanwhile :wink:
Help us to grow and share some of our articles from here…


It takes time to develop a flawless product.
Thats whats needed here if were to get patent.
It has to work, first time…
Everthing is subject to trials and waiting times.
We should be grateful theyre making progress.
Addressing issues.
ETN onwards and upwards


Some badges are broken here :frowning:


Which ones?
Twenty squirrels?


New record 32 badges total some of them multiple times :wink:
And this one have only 10 people from total over 5200 here
Proud to myself - badge is only what we receive back for our time and support :wink:
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Congratulations @Mr.CryptoCZ.
Youve well and truly earned that one.


Some statistic about badges here for the new users or great info for others. Your own number of received BADGES you can check if you go here:
My picture show which one i have - there is green mark. Try to obtain every is my GOAL :wink:

1st section there is Getting started.
We have here total over 5300 users actual number you can check here:
And from this I take some snapshots:
Only 344 read the GUIDELINES:
And people dont like to talk to bot (you can do it in the private message) - we have here only about 120 people who get certification of tutorial tour with bot and only 56 who passed through the advanced level with BOT.
Next section is COMMUNITY:

I love this section because is easy to obtain only what you need is to sharing the love :heart: and create good post or replies here and like each other.
If you click to your name and click to summary for example i show you at mine:

you will see who give to you most like -

But in this section we have bugged - not possible to obtain the inviting badges - called Promoter, Campaigner, Champion - can you look at it? @MSystem
Than we have here too section called

When you find some article about Electroneum you can post them to right section and post here every vote where we can help to ETN to be more visible.

Last section is trust level

Here you can see that we have here only 58 profesors from total 5000+ membres so your goal is to be profesor and be part of 1% from top membres here and help to others with problems etc :wink:

Right now I have total 32 BADGES and I love this forum so much.
Dont forget we need to be active everywhere - with talking with our frieds, colleagues in work, at Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit - because we are the power of this project. Create account at multiple sites and support this project. Its up to us if we succed.
Together we are unstopable.
We are :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

Great post and information !!!

I’m 31 badges but still awaiting the 100 day badge ?!?

I agree they need to add more or just make the bugged ones available.


We have here over 6000 people but not all are aducar or Enthusiast… make something with it :smiley: and only 60 profesors


I am at 25 and going strong