I just saw this on The Rgister



You have to love the hustle!


Being naughty in class, teacher sends you to see the head master for a scalding… headmaster sends you back to class because he is busy adjusting his mining rigs. Welcome to 2018!

If this isnt an indicator or mass adoption happening then i dont know what is lmao.


That has to be one of the funniest enterprise ideas going , get the education department to spend more on better computer’s then mine them at the school . A+ for forward thinking hahhaha


Everybody is doing it.
The employees at the Bureau of meteorology in Australia got busted for mining on the government computers about 5 monnths ago.
Wouldnt surprise me if its far more widespread .
Might be why the government websites keep crashing.
Servers overloaded.
We wil probably never know the truth.