I just bought a bag of chips

I just bought a bag of chips and my first thought was: “This was not worth 100+ ETN.” Oh boy. Lol

I do that all the time.
Lunch the other day, plus a car was 1.1 million Electroneum.
Paid the rent for the fortnight…40 thousand Electroneum.
Thongs yesterday…3 thousand Electroneum
The list goes on and on.

Imagine a day when we’re putting this back through the Ecosystem.
Its a beautiful noise…
Electroneum is making the music everyday.


Hahahah im glad its not just me …

Love it


Its not merely a matter of wasting money on what could be more Electroneum.
This Topic has far more to it than a “bag of chips”.
I’ll let @BigBrother305 elaborate…Icant take any of the credit for this little ripper!

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Imagine the day I look back and really paid about $5000 USD for some chips. Lololol. Yes, back into the ecosystem!

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