I have faith in etn , but not


I have faith in etn but notThe markets , these are scary times we are in but what do we do …
So Goldman’s dropped out eh , markets are dropping … RED CANDLES everywhere…

Just wanted to say HODL…

Good morning folks , DONT PANIC !! All is still well , we’ve all lost out , myself included . Don’t panic sell , your just chucking money away…

Keep spreading the good news about etn or whatever coins your involved with , screw the Elmer fudders be the bunny…

If Goldman doesn’t want in then they are gonna lose out big time.
It may take a bit longer for the prices to rise again but we will prevail we will rise above , we will have faith , we will see green candles again … We are the future

On a serious note yeah I’m worried but there is absolutely no point letting it get to you , it’s out of our hands and theirs .
Think about those that got into bitcoin at 14 THOUSAND … Ooooooooooooooo that had to hurt the pocket.
Only invest what you can afford to lose.

I truly believe in etn and the teams goals we are still in our infancy , but we are growing up fast maybe just maybe we will become btcs little brother who knows …

Let’s HODL together…

Have a fantastic day everyone , whatever your doing wherever your going . If your down , if your up you will always have someone to talk to .
Etn community is full of beautiful and intellectual people . We are a global team

We’re are strong .
We are the electroneum community



It’s true, right now, not just Electroneum but the whole crypto currency market has a significant drop in their price. Bitcoin has been going down as well as all the cryptocurrencies. However, this is an investment. Just wait it out and prices will go up !!

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somebody screen shot this because the price of ETN will be up 27% by the end of the month


Hahahaha , January here we come


I’m not going to give up but preparing to buy a big bulk when the price of ETN droops below 0,003 !

Of course everything is going to be all right with crypto as the world does not have any choice but accept what is inevitable, crypto will take over all world finances sooner or later.


Watching the price drop , waiting to invest a few quid more… Instead of that 4quid coffee or 20 fags buy etn … Ah the future is bright , the future is etn


In the worst case scenario you will win anyway by quitting bad habits :grinning:


Hahahaha bad habits are what keep us humans going lol


Respectfully, that’s not exactly a massive leap, mate. It was up that much about 2 weeks ago.


@a46f63fec0af3daa9ccd ups and downs … :slight_smile:


I’m not selling a thing I am holding steady myself. The markets don’t make me even slightly nervous because I know it’s going to have a huge turn around in the near future. All the signs are there if people are following the crypto space closely. I do my best to keep up with all the news personally.

Look at companies like Bakkt launching to the masses soon, that’s going to be huge. For those not familiar you can just Google it and here’s an article to check out. This is just one piece of big news for crypto of course but a very good one. Bakkt will certainly contribute to mass adoption as well and bring confidence for new comers and bigger investors in the crypto space.


hey well I was right hehe


Don’t worry, as it has rebounded $4 billion in the past 2 hours already. The bulls are finally strong!