I have a confession to make. I am a whale


Morning! Etn heaven is good too me i see, just hope i get over that fiat. :blush:
Think my confessions of sideleaps worked. 190sat. Woop


Relax.your new family friendly eco vehicle awaits!

Mazda “Bongo”


Not a baby shark? Lol


**I have a confession to make, I’m tired of seeing crypto red, esp ETN


See it as an opportunity to accumulate. :slight_smile:


every early adopter of etn is a future whale.


I Confess, i bought more ETN. Damn. :smile::smile::smile: hand down the cookiejar. Or, caught between the legs…


I see you have become my troll. Haha. Can’t take a little joke bro? Sheesh. Well, at least you are replying to me with words this time. XD Peace and love. :v: :heart:




I love that song makes you want to dance dance dance…


yeah, makes me wanna dance and just be happy


Awesome , the man of the wild albums good too . If that’s your taste


love your new Plankton profile picture :joy:


Hahahhahaha , no explanation needed hahahhaa


LOL, like 3000 years ago I had this profile picture of an angry herring (herring with camo, eyebrow and a tooth) :smile: Pix is also pretty red/dead





But since waiting for HalfLife3 I made Soon (Dice inspired, but somehow also very crypto relevant…)


Don’t get me started on half-life 3 , dammit I think I’ll be dust by the time that comes out…

Have you tried prey , it’s kinda like it … good game

Edit to add

Soon ?!?


HL3 will be out soon…
Nope, no Prey but my 2 boys plays Rust


Im sure it is.
I dont know what half life is but I like the dice idea!