I have a confession to make. I am a whale


In the future. Hahahahaha


I have a confession to make…I am not the secret squirrel


I have a confession to make… I think I might be addicted to Electroneum…


I often see sqyirrel references here. What is that about? Lol


The squirrel was born in October.
Many were frustrated with twenty characters minimum.
Running out of :heart: .
It became a non-materialistic mascot.
An incentive for gathering nuts and holding for the long winter ahead.
Many hidden meanings, some of which are seen in the forum pages and others that work quietly away in the background.


I have a confession to make. I just placed a substantial buy order in XRP :anguished:


Feel like I’ve cheated on my wife :joy: ETN still my baby but thought a little diversity might be interesting.


Xrp, blasfemic. Even for a viking :flushed:


My squirrel Comes from 1998 It was used as code commit icon when checking code in.
If you can claim squirrel use before then I will give you the secret squirrel title otherwise this old man owns it.



@Pahini the secret squirrel , taking off to the moon… Hahaha

I have a confession … I’m am a

aka plankton hahahah


Well… ok priest. I got btc. Of course. And IOTA, Xrp and Neo. But nothing compared to ETN… i will seek help.


So what do you want to say @BigBrother305?


Done sir, corrected ,I am honoured to meet you!


You’re a stand up guy you know? Haha


Exactly what I said. Its actually a statement that is good for the small investor. Youre in so early that what you consider to be a small amount of ETN will make you a whale in the future. When I mobile mine 10 ETN every other day, I see it as mining about $30 or more. Youre probably a future whale too. XD


Dont confess to me! Haha


Lol. You edited. XD Wow.


Its only the honourable thing to do.


With the recent buying I am baby whale or big shark :dolphin::whale2:


Screenshot_2018-11-25-10-25-53-1 Breakfast