I had high hopes anyway, But this is such a good sign! wait until october


After that very sincere email from Richard Ells even more sincere than a birthday card from my grandma, ETN is looking up to be a high riser in less than 24hrs , as I am writing this ETN has risen 38.70% and I haven’t been this excited about an Altcoin before.

What’s your predictions for October and early 2019?


a fintech company with enterprise level infrastructure offering financial services to the developing nations at a fraction of the cost that anybody else in the world could offer.


We can’t really predict the future but between 0,50-1,00 might be nice if we would hit that :sunglasses:


Its very possible, it might suprise us all in october when advertising and the campaign starts


I have seen highs and lows in all crypto, unless some unprecedented circumstance ATH are possible again.


ETN will see a new high when advertisement began in October.
Also, wait until next big rally of bitcoin. All the Altcoins will gain big when that happen.


well more bitcoin is getting released next month apparently, so that plus ETN campaign/advertisements i am seeing a few cents rising


Many Many factors are at play right now in the market and with our price. The email from Richard was defiantly part of it. Here is what is happening and why we are seeing price increase.

  1. Electroneum is delivering on what they have been talking about.
  2. You have investors and long term holders that have gotten off the sideline and have invested
    100’s of thousands of dollars of their own money and purchased up all the cheap sell orders
    thus starting a snow ball effect of buying and some FOMO. :wink:
  3. BTC is going up in price and loosing dominance.
  4. Alt coins are coming back and coins like XRP that are surging 50% or more in price and pulling
    Money away from tether and BTC.
  5. People are looking for the next best coin to invest in that has the best possible gains and right
    now Electroneum is one of the top coins that easily offer 100x, 200x ,400x returns without even
    topping the coin market cap.

The bottom line is it is not just 1 thing that is causing our price to rise it is many many factors and we are
starting to have them all Aline for us. I believe we will see days that we have 100-300% gains, now when that will be, I could not tell you but at this point we are headed in the right direction and have seem to broken the downward trend in price.


you couldnt of worded that any better! :+1:t3:

Its exciting times and it begins now im guessing


Nice sum-up @M-Kid I agree completely with you :sunglasses:


Another excellent and inspiring post there @M-Kid :+1:
Great to have you here on the forum :smiley:


I think Etn will definitely cross the previous highest price of 23cents by December /31/2018.if the market is bullish I hope 1$ by 31 March 2019


It’s definitely not impossible @CryptoTheerthu :sunglasses: