I found this qr generator useful


This helped me test my qr strings


Upload a screenshot of your receive qr code.
Put in a tx I’d, and an amount
This gives you a string, now you can see YOUR encrypted key, and etn address stuff. Plus the code to add I’d and ETN value


Manipulate that code however you want. Put it in the site above to test.

Now, if you right click, view image location, you get a html string which you can edit and drop into html web page to show that image !

E.g. strip off the code at the end, append your own as it’s generated for each transaction.

<img name=“qrcode” src=therawlink + rawstringdata >

And you now have a customisable qr code in a web page.


Awesome @SteveElliott thanks for the handy QR code generator :open_mouth::+1:


Great find! Thanks for sharing!


:+1::+1: (and I do wish there wasn’t this 20 character requirement!) ; )