I dont pay taxes and dont hold any tax number

I fall under this criteria and thus I dont need to pay taxes and neither hold any tax number (its called TIN no. here).
I hope the Etn teams see this and helps me cross tier 2and3.

Google about Tin requirements in Bd and you ll know more about it.
The tax number step is totally not for me and people like me.

Haha, thats what I am here for.
XD Etn booms so high that the government makes me have a Tin number.

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Technically you won’t…you can only send/withdraw 10k euros in a 3 month span at the highest level…even if it moons it will take you years to pull everything out.

If I am able to do tier 3 , I dont see why.

Exactly, tier 3 is over 10,000 euro.
At the same time cost of living here is very low. I can live like a king(almost) with 10k euros.

Nevermind I misread, thank you for making me double check!

Now goes to buy more ETN!

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Only thing I can say is ETN to the moon and government will be happy with your taxes :yum:

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I"ll be the first person to get the tax card.

A little weird Level 2 wants job and bank statement…I think I may hold off until I see some price movement.

Can you tell me what information level 3 wants?

Thanks in advance.

That is a little weird I can give a bank statement for Level 2 as well.

Only a supporting doc is wanted, no other information?

If you want to be approved for tier 2/3 I assume you want to transact at that tier level which means you somehow, thru job income or crypto income, have income that meets that threshold. Which also means you need to apply for that tax id number. Isn’t that right?

Unless if you aren’t gonna transact nor have etn with tier level 2 or 3, you shouldn’t worry about that tier. Just saying.

If you look at my screenshot you wouldnt have made this comment.
Why would I get a tax number if I dont meet the required earnings for it? So you want me to earn more?

And its normal here to not pay tax if your are under the limit earning. Half of our youth dont find jobs to start with.

I understand. In summary, what I meant is people who are not going to have income of 10000 euros a month don’t need tier 3. Impretty sur bdt 16000+ is below 10k euros.

I dont think tier work that way.
My earning here shouldnt have anything to do with my investment in crypto.
As long as they let me do tier 2 and 3, i should be able to withdrawn as much as I want. If the price increase does my income increase? I donno , maybe it is an asset or maybe its a earning.
In short, I should be able to do all 3 tier like everyone else. (The documentation should be flexible if my country law allows it)
Asking me for a document that is clearly non existent is meaningless.
Richard assured us everyone will be on board, I trust him.

Fair enough. I agree with you let’s see what happens.

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Same reason I am going all the way to level 3. In case we do a massive rise I do not want to be limited in withdrawing my holdings piece by piece.

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Yeah but the thing is if etn price Goes up in the future you Will need level 3 anyway if you have a bunch of etn or it Will take you forever to transfer your earnings off the online wallet :thinking:

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Tier 2 can be a good level for now but everyone should have tier 3.
Why be limited if you can provide the documents (that exists).