I dont have a smartphone



I do not have a smartphone. Can I send my identification
via email or whichever is possible. I just don’t use smartphone.


Yoti will have to be done on a smartphone. However it only needs to be done one time. What I did was borrow a relatives phone for a few hours to get the Yoti stuff sorted. Currently at KYC level 2 and have level 3 in the works.
I borrowed the phone after I was told it was an acceptable thing to do in a support ticket i opened about KYC. In case anyone is nervous about doing it that way.


Thank you for your reply.
I tried it for 20 times and I got the same verification code every time.
And every time I enter the code it says

"Sorry there seems to be a technical problem.
We couldn’t complete your request. Please try again."


You raised another issue. Not just the inconvenience for a person who does not own a smart phone but also customer service.

One of many reasons Electroneum should branch out setting shop in countries where most of their users reside. New or existing members can physically walk-in, apply for an account, deposit/withdraw, or complete the verification process. Straight to the source just like a traditional bank. After all, Electroneum is playing the same exact role.

But in this case, you have to provide Yoti a 3rd party company (Based in the UK - https://www.yoti.com/contact/#office-locations) that will receive and transfer your personal information to Electroneum - middleman. Top of that, a person without a smartphone or lives in a distressed (Poverty) situation and wants to be a user of Electroneum will be out of luck.

I do hope in the future, Electroneum decides to expand their shop in other countries. If Electroneum set a shop in the US. I’d pay a visit every month with Dunkin Doughnuts - Trustworthy.