I created some ETN Promo Video Footage


Hello ETN lovers,

When the ETN242 contest came out i started to make some footage to participate,due to an accident i ended up in the hospital for a while and i missed the end date.
So i want to share my footage with the community, so everybody can use it…:blush:

here’s the example video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SI4TDncHB2k
link to the separate video files

Feel free to use it, let’s make Electroneum even bigger!!!


Really nice stuff—thank you for sharing it!


As a smallish comment: Looking at the individual files, as per your link, the render quality isn’t great in some of the videos. You’ll see what I mean I think, if you looked at the blue of the lightning in the middle in the eteen.mp4 as the logo settles agains the background, as an example… (I have selected 720p, etc. but no great improvement).

Any ideas please?


i think this comes from the png i used for this one… not sure though


Awesome work @TheDude keep up the good work :sunglasses: and sorry to hear that you had an accident i hope that you are alright :open_mouth:


Thanx m8, i m almost as new as before :wink:


Excellent videos @TheDude!


WOW awesome I will put it at my twitter too. A lot of short videos split into one long video. I think that ETN Team can use this too in campaign in TV spots :smiley: @ETNCEO @MSystem @BegaMutex :wink: