I cant finnish level 2

how do i get pass it if i dont have a jobb ?
support send me here?!

Did you try?:

in Case of unemployed, mention “unemployed” under “Job Title” and mention “NA” under “Company Name”

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Good morning! RSKNOR is correct, you can select unemployed, our KYC specifications offer numerous I.D options for you to be accepted, please do head over to KYC and AML FAQs to see what is required. We hope this helps!
Kind regards, Imogen D.

thanx for fast reply)

but i dont have any options in level2

only to fill in my job and employment… and send a dokument to prove it :)?

here is a print screen of what i see

also if it helps im from sweden :sweden: maybe they have special regulations?

It’s in the FAQ

Your tax number is your 10 digit swede personummer
A supporting document could be a photo of your bank statement or your ISP utility bill (look it up in the FAQ)

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