I can not access my ETN online wallet

pls can someone tell me why i can not access my ETN wallet?

If this is in regards to “lost or forgotten credentials” you will need to open a ticket here https://support.electroneum.com/hc/en-us

no.i did not lost anything’Actually ETN was suppose to send a link to my email so that i can click to active my device.But i am not receiving any link at this time

I have seen many people say that they have received no email to activate their Device, but it has been lost in their Junk Folder. Have a look, just in case.
If it is not in there then swipe/close your ETN Wallet and reopen it using the same Device and it should trigger another email.
I have always got my email within seconds of using a new Device with no problems whatsoever.

same here too.this is the first time i am experiencing this.

Sometimes there is a server delay on device activation emails. Normally it should not take very long to receive one. Be sure to check Spam or Junk folders. You may always login again via device that needs activation and see if second activation email arrives.

thank you all.I would try that now

Without sounding Insulting, You are definitely in the right email account that you registered your ETN Acct with?

If you have tried all of the Above including swipe/close your ETN login Screen then you will have to contact ETN Support, my Friend.

ok thank you so much.the email is correct.I am suspecting too much traffic from electroneum end

As @cuddlesquid mentioned, be sure to watch your Spam/Junk folder as well, just in case it gets filtered.

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Have u tried to check ur spam mail?

I have experienced the same problem.


thank you so much.It has worked


Great! you are welcome.