I belive etn will be worth $5 come 2019


5 cents by March 2019


If i din’t mistake , Richard did ever say he will focus on price in 2019 in video . Who else remember?


Just jumped over Golem and now we’re rank 60 on coinmarketcap.
We will get there, although it won’t be $5 in 2019.


My guess for 2019 would be 0.1$. lets be realistic…1$ will come, but not that fast. Maybe in 3years time.
Patience is the key :))

Unless, there is really really big partnership in play…


I use translate.google.com. it says the text is in Portuguese and the English translation is
“Forget Coinbase, ETN must develop its own system.
I agree, it would be a huge independent step.”


I think if it were to reach 5 dollars it would be closer to 2023. Not saying it won’t reach that amount but it will take time in my opinion.


even $0.06, i’m happy already…this year up to $0.25


I would be happy for ETN to do what it does so well, give great results. Continuous improvement is key, transparency paramount. Nothing else matters because momentum and growth are only possible while Electroneum are able to be productive and focused. Price will come as a natural evolution of these developments, it is also in the best interests of everyone involved to focus on giving the support and encouragement ETN deserves for all the effort and hard work they are putting into this project. It’s time we all realized that this is a humanitarian project, it has been created for mass adoption, we are so privileged to be invested and enabled so early in this new technology, I think if everyone took a step back and thought about how we could encourage a positive outlook for ETN and each other this coin would have been worth 1$ ages ago. So on that note I offer my best wishes to everyone involved with ETN and wish you all the very best for the future, please give consideration to my suggestion and take care.



Spot on, I like to hold in my mind the ole cliche that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ Admittedly the price should be higher and I don’t think it will hit $5 in 2019 but why shouldn’t it hit that figure one day in the future. But what we have to understand is that super things take time. Even Tesla had its bumps along the way, the recession hit them and they pulled through. They re-innovated, honed their cars and created a huge profitable, life changing company.

Electroneum are led by a great team. Richard Ells is a great leader and the director Chris Gorman and co on board we have the right people steering our ship. It is all about us getting behind ETN. I predict 0.06 cents by EOY.