I belive etn will be worth $5 come 2019


5 cents by March 2019


If i din’t mistake , Richard did ever say he will focus on price in 2019 in video . Who else remember?


Just jumped over Golem and now we’re rank 60 on coinmarketcap.
We will get there, although it won’t be $5 in 2019.


My guess for 2019 would be 0.1$. lets be realistic…1$ will come, but not that fast. Maybe in 3years time.
Patience is the key :))

Unless, there is really really big partnership in play…


I use translate.google.com. it says the text is in Portuguese and the English translation is
“Forget Coinbase, ETN must develop its own system.
I agree, it would be a huge independent step.”


I think if it were to reach 5 dollars it would be closer to 2023. Not saying it won’t reach that amount but it will take time in my opinion.


even $0.06, i’m happy already…this year up to $0.25