I belive etn will be worth $5 come 2019


$5 is a overestimate!? sorry man dont mean to be rude but cant you do Math? look at ripple’s circulating supply then look at ETN’s circulating supply. Look at ripples ATH. Look at ripples tech then look at ETNs brilliant tech. Think again :smile: :wink:


Me too bud, ill buy myself an island and invite all my Electroneum brothers and sisters for a PARTY :stuck_out_tongue:


almost there


Get the ETN to 100$ and i buy something like this and invite to a party



“Esqueça a Coinbase, a ETN deve desenvolver seu próprio sistema.”
Concordo,seria um enorme passo independente.


And what partnerships do we have soon? Have to start somewhere but actually starting is key.


As to be as easy to use as Coinbase though.

Once registered once you have fiat funds buying should be made as quick and efficient as possible.

Some of the exchanges have information overload sometimes you just want to go and buy without seeing multiple charts and plethora of data.


The Timeline near the bottom of the Electroneum website page gives good outline of existing partnership deals.

We know Electroneum has deals for access to 103 million users, but with potential upcoming deals that will be significantly greater now KYC/AML in place (eg. hundreds of millions).

We know two are implementing Instant Pay etc. My expectation is that we will have one huge new partnership announced by 12 Nov and one smaller existing partner launch (100k of users).


I think that we should be more open minded and positive and ask ourselfs one question, why to look forward only 1 year ahead ??? I think this project should be looked with the big scope, next 5-10 years minimum. I will count the chikens after atleast 5 years period from now. :slight_smile: i am here for the long haul.

Evrything in this post is my opinion, and not a financial advice. :slight_smile:


I agree @PetMM its good to look long term and i think ETN will be big in 5-10 years personally :wink:


Thanks bro Electroneum should consider ur suggestions which should help at a long run.:ok_hand:


I agree etn will be a lifestyle in the coming years. Let’s hold and feel the magic


Am buying and holding more etn for life


Bro I wish I can understand u, English pls :pray:


everything would happen but first 3-6 years we have to help etn to become real corporation as paypal!!!


it goes to 10$ that’s really not that much. That’s 90 billion market cap. Bitcoin reaches way higher market cap with almost no use case. This coin actually has a use case so reaching 5$-10$ wouldn’t be surprising to me at all if they really start getting even a fraction of adoption.


What do you think the ETN price would be if Bitcoin $100,000 2019 in the year?


The price of ETN is $0.19 if it calculates the value of today’s Sat. If we go to the 1197 sat value of last January, it will be worth $1.20. Of course it’s just an opinion. It could happen.


Predicción de 0,50 $ a finales de 2019.


I think it will be £0.05p maybe in February