I belive etn will be worth $5 come 2019


Even a dollar is far at this point, who knows the advertisement and campaign for ETN next month will boost us back up or even past 0.19 where we was at in January 2018. Only time will tell but by the looks of it we wont be going any lower, lets just take it day by day and enjoy it. ETN has a bright future


I agree bro, let’s join etn and bring more on board


I think we will hv a great :+1: early Christmas :christmas_tree: this year all thank so to etn


And what does moonshot look like in terms of price?


I would hope a moon shot would be at least $10 a coin! :wink:


Yeah that would do just fine!!


It is most likely that this year’s bull run will easily overpass the one in 2017, so ETN at $0.5 is not that hard to believe.


Patient bro we will get there organically


I need my Lambo bro!


When something becomes a cultural icon market caps reach levels unheard of , look at all products that became cultural icons and just look at how they performed


I don’t need a lambo but I wouldn’t mind having the lambo money for other things :yum:


yes^^ I believe we all set the limits for everything we do…
but, when we stop setting limits… oh my… limit less^^
everything is possible!!!
all is well^^


I will get ur lambo in 2020 so stay tuned


I agree with u bro, mass abaption isn’t the only way


Nah, i wish it would be and maybe it will in 10 years or something.


I’m optimist, and i know ETN will jump more than 5$, i dont care how much market is big, because ETN has a future! I hope i will be alive to see ETN price more than 100$


Not sure if it will fall much. It seems to go back and bounce towards the hourly EMA every now and then but there are a few things speaking for bullish trend.

  1. Instant payment system announced an working.
  2. Marketing start next month.
  3. M-Kids ETN club.
  4. Media coverage and general positivity.
  5. The fact that ETN is extremely undervalued and have been downtraded by bots for a very long time.

And ETN also seems to move fairly free in relation to BTC compared to many other currencies.


Yeah good list. I think Richard will start announcing and reannoucing deals (stalled due to KYC/Instant payments) in Q4 as well. These are the big movers.


People… Do not make one goal… Make goals in between the long term goal…


I would say $5 in 2019. The instant payment system is fantastic BUT the electroneum team needs to QUICKLY develop an easy system in combination that does a ETN to Fiat, Fiat to ETN background conversion. Just as Electroneum are going for the unbanked, they also need to go for the non technical people who have no idea how to buy ETN. Forget Coinbase, ETN should develop their own system. THEN i see ETN exploding in a massive way - up too $100 max - 0.01 - 100