I belive etn will be worth $5 come 2019


True @CryptoMatt however tommorow at monday traders start trading that have a break during the weekend even tho crypto is 7 days a week a lot of traders take a break in the weekend and tommorow they will see ETN and all the news and such and they will be like damn i gotta get that before its to late because they only want to see gains so most likely will come that might actually bring us towards that :thinking:


Maybe. I still see a correction is to come though before that. Good traders usually dont buy when something is up 300% already. Only investors and people who intend to “use” the asset “may” do that but I think most institutional money is still to come when we are on bigger exchanges.


Yea I had 2 failed attempts at increasing my amount selling to early and fomo buying back in more expensive. Cost me 17000 Etn trading up to 125000 which is fraction of my total. Now thinking this 219 is about to drop what u think?


I did put my current thoughts and TA here: ETN Trade Idea based on Fib Retracement and Elliot waves. (Ignore if you dont like TA)


Currently @e3156416036937231bfc with people fighting to make it go upwards we can see a dump from a big whale but for a while i don’t see it happen :thinking:


you can change your name on preferences for us to remember and address you easily :wink:


And this is possible you must admit that ?


We as we rise quickly it is not going to be for the weak hearted as we are going to have massive price swings! lol


You are the good spirit of ETN so show the way forward and we will fallow :+1: after :whale:


If we would follow in Dash it’s tracks…

We’ll be mooning a year or 3


Bro jux hold on to ur $etn, buy more at this moment and see the magic it will bring to ur future,stop trading them for less cash :moneybag: which I know will not bring any increment into ur life.


That’s right am sure we will see $.02 next week


It wouldn’t surprise me if we could even see ETN being 3 cent by next week @998c5dfcb9f14ed6dc0f but who knows we won’t know till then :sunglasses:


First we will be back at 140sat soon…this was only a fake bull run…we lost nearly 40% during last hours from the top…
We still have to be patient and can buy more below 1 cent


ETN can easily reach XRP market cap of 22 billion if the roll out of carriers brings in millions of users. That would put ETN top 5 coin at $3


Yup most definitely @CommanderETN also XRP has 5 times as much coins as Electroneum and the highest of XRP so far was around 3.60$ that would bring us around 18 Dollars if we would reach that same market cap as Ripple had at that moment when they reached their highest point :thinking:


If we get a carrier with 100 million reach and 20% sign up that would put the ETN user base over 20 million people. That would demand a huge repricing towards $3


Yup and i see it happening for ETN also one day @CommanderETN :thinking:


That’s good imagination tho but I think more things has to be done before it would be real as for bypassing bitcoin it’s very easy, we only have to get people involved that’s all


Thats the game plan for stage 1. Stage 2 build revenue on top of the network as per stage 1 :slight_smile:

October will be fun and the start of something special for sure!