I belive etn will be worth $5 come 2019


If we were to see even a small amout of that 4 billion dollars that was traded in XRP yesterday we could moon shot in 1 day! lol It would be the wildest ride in the wilderness! lol :slight_smile:


True but for that larger exchanges will help.


$0.5 is okay for me…


1c to 1$ is a long way , but 1$ to 5$ …:wink::wink:


if it can reach 5$ then the sky is the limit…


I think the limit of ETN will be between 100-500$.

And I am not just saying this Numbers guys… :roll_eyes:

I have calculated this all.

So when Cryptos Marketcap is between 3-8 Trillion for example. We could be in this range.

Just saying.

Have a wonderfull dayy <3


$100-500 will mean that we all turn into millionaires or billionaires (@M-Kid).
Why not?

But I don’t think it will happen when the total market cap will be at $3-8 trillion. Because at $100, ETN’s market cap will be like $800 billion, so too big of a chunk as compared to the total market cap.


It’s possible bro let’s hope for the best


Etn is going to brake that record, I said it we r going for the king of crypto currency.


I don’t like that the 24h volume dropped that much, from $25 billion to $13 billion.
For ETN, it has grown actually, but we need the total to grow as well.


My prediction is 0.20 by the end of 2019.lets be realistic, please. That would put etn in the top 10


If the bulls are showing up strongly top10 will be more than 20 cents for etn. :slight_smile: Exciting times.


I believe ETN will be at 500 quadrillionzilliobillionkadillion dollars by next week… Cmon guys these price predictions are just to feed the inner FOMO. If you are in it for the price, you are missing the point. Get excited for them doing things that other crypto’s are not doing like that easy vendor integration.


Any is possible but this is too much to dream
I’m only praying we shouldn’t crush on the way
Cos looking at things anything is possible


2018 maybe. End of 2019 we will talk in terms of dollars.


Etn will be a lifestyle trust me. There will be no exit plan


Everything is possible, the sky is never the limit


Yeah… sure I think your point is very important, the value ETN has to offer the world is more important than money. this crypto bridges the poverty gap where the rich get richer and the poor, poorer. It offers financial freedom which enables people in a way they can express themselves and pioneer new ideas and innovation. Human beings will stop just being and will become human doings, this whole world has to change its attitude toward the environment we need to protect and nurture the lands we live in and look after the water we need to drink, cryptos are unique in that they operate across borders between countrys. In the crypto world borders don’t exist and the instant payment system was designed for financial inclusion. So we as human doings need to break down differences and help eachother to move forward. I will hodl and wait as long as it takes to not help my family, and also help others as well.


1000 satoshi can be 3 more day runs . Its already going for a double top on 250 here soon as americans are waking up this morning.


We need way more volume to go from 200 to 400 sats than from 80 to 200sats ;). I think 1000 sats at the moment is out of sight unless high volume enters the market or everyone magically stops selling.

PS: I dont have a problem with a miracle. I just wont trade on it x)