I belive etn will be worth $5 come 2019


I strongly belive that etn will go as high as $5 come 2019, and that’s where the real journey begins with us who believed in etn since the beginning of it all.
Let’s the world hear of us, and to BITCOIN we r coming for u.


$1.5 maximum by end of next year is my prediction.


Fugazi is back baby!


Quite unlikely. Unless etn holders refuse to sell and Richard introduce some new trading techniques (staking ones coin) that was not in their initial plan.


Let’s hope faster than that.


It’s will be real quick, I think it’s time to put in our best and hold till moon we should all set a target


It is coming we should all embrace it, let’s get everyone involved, family,friends, workmates and even enermies​:face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl:.


Bro etn has more potential.


Oh dear, not another one.

$5 by end of 2019 is unrealistic. I would say, $1 by end of 2019 would be a bonus in itself.


Personally to hit $5 be end of 2019 well within the realm of possibles, but we would need a massive BTC bull run, I am talking about $80,000 to $100,000 btc price, at least 50-100 million users, partnership deal by the truck loads, and massive investment of institution money as we would have around 45-50 billion dollar market cap. Is it possible yes, are the odd stacked heavily against that happening for us most definitely. Let shoot for smaller goals first, like 5 cents, then maybe 25 cents, 50 cents, $1 and so on if we do not start hitting those level soon they the chances of $5 slip further down the road.


if it hits five dollars my guess is it will be on the basis of more speculation, its really too hard to tell, i guess the vendors will become the whales in the long run, imagine a xius accumulating fifty or sixty million coins after 3 months… or another big partner… or the rest… how much will they sell the coins for in fiat? if they hold then the coins will increase in value, when they sell large amounts coins will decrease in value… tricky to speculate on price when all things are considered!


Back to 1000 satoshi would be great. Depending on what BTC does that could be 10-40cents.
And that is not guaranteed. I dont think we will even go there this year. Though the next months should be interesting already.


All i can say is let’s hope it will! You wont hear me complain then :yum: Never say never it has potential and it could surprise all of us maybe it will hit that maybe not we have to see but i think ETN will surprise us most definitely in the future! :sunglasses:


5$ price on 2019 is a bit overestimate… do not expect too much so you don’t hurt so much just like LOVE :heart:… but you can surely love unconditionally


Yes, truly exciting times to be living in. Were all fortunate to be living in times when we have an opportunity right in front of us all to make our and our families lives financially stable. This hasnt happened since the late 80’s early 90’s when the internet first started. Were in early so be thankful for that!


We will bro something very very huge coming next month


Thanks mate for the advice, but am already in love with :heart_eyes: etn


Would be great. Crypto can indeed have exponential gains. But fundamentally a rise in these dimensions is not justified, so it would be more of a pump and dump.


.50 would be amazing in 2019. My long term target is $1


If Electroneum ends up in the top 20 we could very well see $1 relatively soon