I am sure this has been beaten like a dead horse

Dear @ETNCEO …How many users have stopped cloud mining when we were asked to draw a picture for KYC?

I am not against KYC at all but…Every time I try to activate my cloud miner, I am never around pen and paper for this ridiculous form of KYC. It would be better if we could simply trace a shape or letter on the phone as a two tier KYC and take another picture at the same time? For heavens sake, I am sure most people could find a tree, light post, door, etc if you asked them to take a picture touching a specified object… hell even animal. It has been about 2 months at this point that I am finally thinking about activating my ETN miner while I am next to pen and paper…hence me taking the time to vent this.

I have been a huge fan of ETN since the start, so I don’t mean to come across harsh in this rant, but I have witnessed time and time again small details the ETN tean overlooks that doesn’t prioritize the main entity aka the USER. I am about to quit my research, hop on a plane, fly across the pond, and join the ETN team just so I can ensure the end-user is thought of.

Don’t let me minimize it, we know ETN’s focus is the user, but I am just saying turn it up from an 8 to a 10 on the thinking-hat knob.

Best Regards,
Your number 1 Canadian Fan

Maybe drawing something on your phone and then take a picture would be better? Hopefully that’s something they figure out. I agree that I’m never around pen and paper either. If it’s only a one time thing then it’s probably okay


You don’t have papir and pen with you? A bit of a far fetched excuse don’t you think…

I do, i just never think to activate my miner when I am near any… and vice versa when i think about my miner or ETN I am not by pen and paper.

I got asked to draw a picture and clicked the “I cant do this” button. It asked me to do pictures twice more and then asked me just to take a normal picture which was fine.

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If you do not want to draw something then it will allow you to do 2 gestures. You need to do the two selfies to show you are a person who doesn’t have 2,3,4 devices/accounts.


Thanks Rachel!

Awesome to know, I would usually just say F#$% and close the app. I will try to by pass the drawing request.

Best regards


Thank you! I realize I didn’t reply to you directly before.

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image I just love that the image I had to draw was a lot like this. It appeals to my inner nerd.