I am STUCK with KYC, anyone else?

Ok, so here my issue is that I have my YOTI linked to my webwallet, uiploaded my documents and approved. Now when I go to my webwallet, it;s still asking me again for Employer blah blah blah and some documents to attach. I am done with tier 2, but with tier 3, when I submit my bank statement ( which is already approved two times by the ETN team) keep rejecting for no reason. What should I do now?
Is anyone from ETN gonna help me here? I can’t access to my ETN coins nor to the mob mining.


I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with KYC, please be patient and take your time with this process, it takes time for the team to review the manual submissions.

Please make sure your name is clearly visible and that it matches your account. Please complete whichever tier the site is asking you to complete, if you are doing Level 3 and your statements documents are getting rejected there is usually a reason for the rejection, perhaps because you have used it several times already, please submit a new document.