I am not able to do level 2 KYC despite having an valid passport?


I am from India and Yoti app demands only Passport for its address verification. Though I have my Valid passport, YOTI app is not approving my address proof. please look through the problem and resolve it at the earliest possible.
many Indian ETN holders are facing the same problem. please solve the issue and keep up the trust which we have towards Electroneum.

thank you.


Heey @Navin you already completed lvl 1 trough yoti right? then when you go to your Wallet online and scan the QR code you can send a documentation after any will do with an address on it to be verified for KYC lvl 2 :wink: and lvl 3 only needs a bank statement or any source of income hope this helps you out :wink:


@PHXInvestors i initially thought that too but for level 2 they wanted my Employer’s details + National Insurance Number and a supporting document (bank statement/utility bill/wage slip)

I’ve held off from lvl 2 for now, and taking advantage of this 30 days left, time window. I Will give them it, but hoping they change the requirements before i need to.


first update your yoti for latest version . And go to setting and my profile . Click your address and add your address by manual . After youve added your address wait for few mins . Even the yoti say its fail to verify your address but your address still there . And connect your electroneum kyc with yoti and its done ! Problem solved @Navin


Hi @HanmaETN07 this is for your information , for India you can’t add your address manually in latest updated of Yoti also, so this method is not working


No manual button or can’t verify ? Replace your address and you will see theres manual address button .


it again redirects you to upload your passport and even after replacing you can’t add it manually, I mailed it to ETN Support , lets see what they say,


Are you really sure youve update the lastest yoti version?


Yeah, just updated and tried before my last post


no, it is showing only passport option and yoti again says indian residential address are currently considered as invalid…i don’t get it…its such a huge piece of land on this planet…???


i have the latest version. not of use…can’t find option to add it manually//


how to replace my address?? no option…its just too narrow way of doing it


I have the same problem i have latest yoti i updated my adress it does not validate but the adres is there i contacted yoti and they stated they indeed allow some countrys including the netherlands to manually add adres. but if i scan the qr code in electronoem i get a second screen asking for my employers name and job description and btw number i do not want to share my employer name and do not have a btw number. I contacted electronoem and they just stated i should check forum and closed my request directly pretty poor and also a bit rude. I only tested with a small percentage so will just move my funds back to cli wallet. but this was a dissapointing experience


What’s a CLI wallet?

I can’t even download the yoti app lol


That would be the paper wallet, you can see below how you can create one, but be very careful with it, as you can lose it.


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