Hypnotist - ETN special offer


Hi folks,

If you’re scared of spiders, want to lose weight, or stop smoking, our latest ETN Vendor Partner can help.

Hypnotist Jason Scoltock offers downloadable and one-to-one consultations- and he takes payment in ETN.

Check out his website here: https://i-can-help-you.com/shop/electroneum-offer/


@user75 great job we appreciate the hard work! Glad you got mentioned !

Everyone go check this out and show your support! :zap::zap::zap:


Any questions feel free to ask. I’ll share the impact it has made over the next few days


Thanks for sharing. If anybody has any questions feel free to ask me


Just tried your video. Wonderful stuff. :smiley:


Thanks. Getting great support from the community. :smile: