Hyperinflation - The inevitable


Yes its the new beginning if only those manipulated being would embrace it, it will not be amazing to hear people saying cryptocurrency is a scam just because they do wrong choice


The yellow vests , they’re gonna just keep on spreading.
With Brexit in mind , expect widespread crisis in Europe.


I’m telling you that poverty is created by heads of states, and if they really want to wiped out poverty it would be achieve in a minute
The monies spent on wars ammunition and defense I’m telling you that alone solve it,
America alone spend so much on such stuffs ,Russian etc


It’s not only England.Italy,Germany everybody is gonna panic.

This is the perfect recipe for a world wide chaos.


Wait and see more yet to happen,


Keep in mind more sanctions on north Korea and kim will get bored and launch misiles on south or us and WW!!! Start… can confidently say North K is feeling the pressure that’s why he’s pressing for peace talk and denuclearization if he’s denied the guess it yourself


This discussion is really trending .Please continue …


Already it’s believed and I believe Elites are building bunkers to hide inn why ask yourself
And possible invasion of earth by Aliens, and doomsday clock move to 2 minutes to apocalypse ,so mass destruction is at hand


Poverty aint something created, then i think you got some stuff wrong.
The human neutral state is nothing.
Ask, how is wealth created.
Its trough humans that create.
You cannot deal out wealth.
Its opportunities to create and make. That isnt a clap.
Where do you get such stupid ideas.
To get better you need tools, or you create your tools. In every aspect or system you get paracites or corrupts.
But people cannot sit on the butt and excpect wealth to rain down.
And the fact is, nomather what you mean, humans are at a accelerating wealth spread peak, things has never been better. And its going fast. Some think slow, buts its relative, but put it in diagrams and it speaks to itself.
So its going the right way.
(Drink less paintremover too, you float a bit into far fetch now, :blush:)


Leaders will do everything possible to escape leaving the sycophants, now this cryptocurrency stuffs instead of embracing it by paying the citizens in cryptocurrencis so they can have a say they’re against it


I think it’s time we got more people into this room


If richness and poverty can be classified I’m telling you it’s created,
Anyway let’s agree to disagree,
That’s what I believe, and that’s why the rich don’t want to help the poor, and go on to hoard money in excess…


I will love that especially those who have fair idea


Ouch. I leave this. Depend the boat you sit. Emnanuel. Bill Gates has done more for others than any single nation has, relatively.
Also norway has done billions, but the cash seems to end as nice jewels in african chiefs pockets… we actually have a working system here. And its due to craftmanship, creativity, and because of that, some get rich. And they stand for some awesome entrepreneur stuff.
Politicians, is always some to say about, but here, those are not the rich.
Quit that toughts of conspiracy evil. Its in your head. Instead, go and try work it into another boat. Its your leaders filling pockets on your behalf, thats been a african huge problem. Right someone gets power, its filling own pockets. Throw them at sea.
We vikings was good at it, maybe we come help.
(Some of the warmest people i know, is rich, or sit good. Same with some unlucky too, cash aint defining who you are) its evenly spread. But its more easy to point on the bad rich. Rather than all the really bad normal or poor.)
Your way of placing a problem, blaming and make evil conspiracy, is just the way Hitler managed,. Just saying.


If there was a best ETN user of the month award-I would vote for you.


Thats really nice man. Tnx, your very good too, i try just to have a mindset that sees various angles,. Positive and fun has a coworking effect, i know from professional sport. Important, these times with both nerves and excitement.
The others here, like you, fuel me.