Hyperinflation - The inevitable


What is hyperinflation?
monetary inflation occurring at a very high rate.


The best example for hyperinflation is the Weimar republic.This is the weakness of the current system (fiat) and this is inevitable.
Hyperinflation isn’t coming , it has already begun, it is all around us.We just don’t pay attention to it.


This is what happens when a government starts to print money in order to pay the debt.
There is so much debt in this world that it’s unpayable.( hundreds of trillions)
When fiat has no value , when it just becomes paper you turn to something that is non-inflatable.In this case - Bitcoin.


Before Weimar , then Venezuela what’s next??


Once you fall into the abyss , there is no coming up.


Governments can always come up with their own crypto (Petro) but it’s always gonna fail miserably.Now governments see Btc as an enemy but it will be too late before they realize it is the only way of surviving.


We had Hyperinflation few (25) years back. still in Yugoslavia


This is exactly what I’ve said, 2008 when the housing market bubble popped they had nowhere to run too , now they have thousands of places to invest … but they will most likely go to the king … BTC. If that happens … booooom forget moon that would be Pluto !! I.m.o that is…

Thanks for the share


The present situation.



Even though there might be a bull run in 2019 and btc might reach a new ATH , i think the true potential of btc will be seen from 2020 with mass adoption.



Argentina. 65% in 2018?. And some african nations, like 100% inflation daily…
A car value on monday. A bread next week. :smile:


About moon, yes, as posted before, the cash in crypto by now is just a drop in the cash ocean. We havent seen big cash yet.
Thats why some foreseer’s tells about 100k$ or 1million$ btc. Yet on that, its still a drop.
Pahini did a good compare post on it.?


The question is who the heck the world is debted to?
Jacob R?


Its just debt, floating around, in the printing press galaxy. Debt is really just future money, like, tomorrow i will have, so i lend today.
Or i print today, or make up


I get you and your point but the thing is money is power therefore the government wouldn’t want her citizens to have power and question them
So all they doing about poverty is a hoax
They Only Masquerading…


No someone hoarding it to enriched themselves and their families,
It’s only North Korea Iran for sure I can say their presence is not there yet that’s why they always at war with them


This happened some yesrs ago in Zimbabwe half a million dollars can’t buy a loaf of bread I’m exaggerating but capture what I’m trying to say


We need a simple way of changing stuff, instead of goat vs eggs, but this is the start of the shift of better ways to interact and trade across the world. Its pretty cool that we live in the start of another big event. 100years, its alot changed and people take for granted, as we do on certain things.


Even the Bitcoin and cryptocurrencis at large the government is trying to crack it down by launching an attack on investors and good number of hacks moreso hiring people to discourage investment in such assets


Africa is popped of corrupt leaders, so you can start with throw them at sea and make real democracy. It will be better with time. Especially if leaders cannot control the money flow.
Its impossible to stop a running train in the end. Look at Macron.
It ends two ways, the people win, or desperate power holders take on the fight.
For us here in scandinavia, it will be a gliding transmission, all the time its low corruption and stable economic already now. Crypto has a positive sound also here