HURRY!: 10,000 ETN Giveaway


Ends Tomorrow! Join our Giveaway on Twitter and the Winner will be revealed on Saturday, 9/15!
Follow all of the rules to enter:


Nice giveaway @Quorra_Merch i Will Join in when i Get home and Will share it around for you :+1:


Nice, you will be remembered like that guy who gave away 10,000btc for that pizza one day when ETN moons! :wink:


Yes! This is another way of informing the masses about ETN! Make sure you follow the rules and use those all of those hashtags


Right now, it’s like giving away $100 worth of ETN!


Just took part in it.:open_mouth::grin::grin:
Goodluck to everyone taking part.


Used the hashtags under my first comment.


You know what they say: $100 worth ETN today is $1 million ETN tomorrow! :wink:


Yup @M-Kid those 10.000 if it reaches 10 dollar you already got 100.000 if it ever reaches 100 dollar then the giveaway made you a million :scream:






Better go enter…:rofl:


Whenever I see giveaways, I have nightmares. :smile:
Thanks scammers, your ruined it for me!


Haha i Will ill be home in 3 hours hopefully Its not closed then yet :yum:


You’ve got until 9/14 at 11:59 PM EST


I know but we’re not a scam!


Yes, I know that, I was just saying.
Sorry if I made you think I accused you of anything. :wink:


nice way of promoting, hope we can garner a lot of new user :point_up_2::fire:


Thanks for going though the effort to set this up! Seems like a great way to encourage new and excited involvement! Fingers Crossed haha

Best wishes,

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Us too! The more support that comes our way, the more new people learn about ETN!