Huobi-withdraw etn ..ID?

i want to withdraw my etn from huobi but what is my ID ? do i neeed that or just my wallet adrress is ok ?

What type of wallet are you wanting to send it to?

Paper wallet/app wallet etc?

electroneum website wallet

Are you referring to Payment ID?

It is very important to understand Payment ID, huge part of Electroneum. Carefully read entire guide, not once, but twice.


Then there is no need for a payment ID. But the link that @cuddlesquid just posted is important info to know.

I was more interested in knowing what withdrawal route you were taking so that i could discourage you from going exchange to paper wallet (if that was what your intentions were)


thank you all i got my withdraw into my wallet…so when its from exchange to etn web/app adress you dont need ID :slight_smile:

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no, you just need wallet address. Imagine, in cryptocurrency, the wallet address is like bank number, so you can send or receive money by using that.

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