Huobi Exchange ETN Deposits Open

If you are unsure what’s involved and need a bit of a confidence “booster”:

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Any idea of the withdraw fees ?

Min 300 plus 150etn fee…


Thanks for the info.
When I compare with KuCoin and their 5 ETN fees, that’s a lot.
After, the volume is not the same, I admit.

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Yes Huobi for the bigger players (and corporate buyers) and when good news comes hopefully we will see it reflect in the price moves!


Withrawal suspend on houbi, any idea why?

Just put 10k ETN into the exchange too soo my love and support and hope maybe too beableto put a few more ETN in tomorrow night if I get anymore donations thanks all…


P.S: Will be doing a fb giving in the next few weeks too be sure too keep in touch all…


ducks with the letter i instead of u

Sorry too be the one too tell yeah but it does state the fees on withdrawals of all cryptos…

Never ever has Huobi Cheated me out of funds or taken my cryptos without my say soo…

Guess this exchange will only make the selected few happy but while cryptopia has been down Huobi has been doing me well especially once they listed ETN…

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Well that’s one way to make an entrance lol Welcome!


How do they steal your funds?

how many etn did you depo?

did you input the tag?(payment id)

did you read their terms and condition on how to deposit or to withdraw before using their platform,

wrong move buddy, better luck next time.

"• Minimum deposit amount: 150 ETN. Any deposits less than the minimum will not be credited or refunded. "

:smiley: its your mistake you just need to accept that , we do mistakes sometimes that’s fine, now you know what to do, create new account and use my ref code nyahahah

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most of exchanges has terms like that , its just you make a mistake that all


Received a Chinese smsfrom Huobi?


Translated as

[Huobi] Dear users, ETN trading activity is now over, rewards have been issued to your Firecoin account, thank you for your active participation. Huobi

What does this mean and were do we find these fire coin rewards?

i just found my reward on my exchange account

Where in the exchange account. Been searching but can’t find anything. Can you please share a screenshot

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